Is the Information Science Council a think tank?

No. While think-tanks aim at analyzing different society-related phenomena, the mission of the Council is to practically act upon the key challenges that the Information Science can solve. The Council’s work can thus be seen as compatible and complementary to the analytic work of some think tanks. If you are interested in think tanks that address Information Science-related challenges in France, you may want to have a look at think tanks specialized in Information Science and digital transformation such as Fing or Hub Institute as well the more general ones like Institut Sapiens, Institut Montaigne, or Génération Libre.

The Council gives no opinion, does not comment on political or technical events and news, and provides no advice to anyone. The Council just acts in order to reinforce access to Information Science knowledge, research and technology.

Does the Information Science Council organize academic/professional events or does it teach how to code?

No. The Council’s mission is to act upon Information Science challenges and not to involve in any awareness-raising actives, not organize any professional/research and networking events. If you are interested in professional associations in France who organize academic events in the fields related to Information Science, you might want to have a look at: AFIA, or SIF. For industry events and coordination, have a look at France Digitale, or Internet Society. As for education, which is indeed a challenge faced by our society, in the future the Council might contribute to publishing of educational books, or funding of undergraduate and PhD student scholarships, but it’s mission is not to teach (although some of its members might be teachers). For teaching you may want to get in touch with EPI.

Can I join the Information Science Council?

You can contribute to the work of the Council in two ways: by getting involved, and by offering financial support. In order to get involved in the work of the Council, you need to satisfy two conditions: (1) be an active professional in a field related to Information Science, and (2) be accepted by existing participating members of the Council. To get accepted, please submit your application using the contact form. Anyone can become a supporting member of the Council, by financially supporting its work.

Who are the members of the Information Science Council?

The Council is founded by Milan Stankovic. The participating members of the Council, those actively working to deliver the mission of the Council, are developers, researchers, scientists, teachers and other active Information Science professionals who care for the cause of making the world better through Information Science. As for the supporting members, those who financially support the Council, we hope that to be you and everyone.

Can I join/support the Information Science Council if I am not in France?

Yes. We will accept participating members regardless of their location as long as they can actually contribute to the work of the Council from their location. Supporting members can come from anywhere. However, the tax reduction on financial contributions is limited to French fiscal residents.

Why is the Information Science Council’s website in English if it is a French organization?

The website is in English because it aims to promote the work of the Council beyond the French speaking world and give it a global impact. Nonetheless, the Council is committed to Information Science efforts in France, and to local-impact actions that will be conducted in French.

How is the Information Science Council funded?

The Council welcomes financial contributions from individual supporting members as well as from generous companies. The Council also applies for public and private funds to finance its particular projects and actions.