Information Science, the melting pot of computer science, human-computer studies, artificial intelligence and other disciplines, has radically transformed the human society and civilization in the last few decades. It gave humans new tools to communicate, connect and do business, thus producing a world that resembles to no other era in human history. However, the very progress achieved through advances in Information Science, is now at the root of new challenges – digital exclusion, mass surveillance, protection and decentralization of personal data and many more: challenges that call for new developments in Information Science.

The Information Science Council is an independent Paris-based professional association, composed of engaged Information Science professionals, actively involved in a mission to get the Information Science to further contribute to challenges of society and civilization.

This mission is achieved through coordination of concrete open-source software projects that act upon the key challenges, through support to the dissemination of knowledge and enabling more people to enroll in Information Science undergraduate and PhD studies.

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